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“King James” Seen Drinking Guigal La Landonne

August 16, 2018

Basketball phenom Lebron James hasn’t been shy about showing his love of fine wine, underscored by his recent Instagram post captured by a number of outlets. Coverage appeared in the Wine Spectator here, where Philippe Guigal commented, “Good move and a long life to King James, considering that La Landonne might be a ‘buzzer-beater’.”

Who knew that Lebron’s passion for wine would draw so much coverage? Other outlets that covered his post were:

People magazine: The leading entertainment outlet explains, “the L.A. Lakers star recently documented a marathon wine night on his Instagram story, showing off a selection of bottles that collectively retails for about $4,000—including this $500-per-bottle Guigal La Landonne from the renowned Rhone Valley winery E. Guigal in France.”

Also, SB Nation with a full sommelier breakdown here, and US Magazine with a mention of the Landonne specifically here,



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