Lucien Le Moine Corton Les Grandes Lolières Grand Cru 2016 (93 VM)

“Ginger-spiced apple and wet rock on the nose; one feels the cool quality of the mother rock as well as a sunny element. Very fresh and penetrating but harmonious from the start, with a subtle sweetness and complex minerality to its flavors of apple, spices and fresh herbs. Not yet showing huge dimension but this wine tastes more finished than many of the top 2016s here. This long, tactile grand cru should give relatively early pleasure but its dusty extract suggests that it will evolve gracefully.”

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    Lucien Le Moine

    Lucien Le Moine Corton Les Grandes Lolières Grand Cru 2016

    Corton Les Grandes Lolières Grand Cru

    Sometimes this cru forms part of Lucien Le Moine’s Corton Blanc, other times it is bottled separately. A cru that is not often seen, and is a red cru above all. It has an exotic spicy side to the aromas and flavors, and a broad body that maintains its precision.

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    Lucien Le Moine

    Burgundy, France

    In two decades of work, Lucien Le Moine has become one of the most talked about Burgundy producers, making some of the most sought after wines from the region.  The approach is extreme – two people, together doing everything by hand, working with a dazzling array of Burgundy’s great terroirs.