Le Macchiole Scrio 2015 (95 WA)

“It’s worth noting that the Scrio was not made in 2014, as Syrah did not reach the right maturity for the quality Le Macchiole looks for. The 2015 growing season wasn’t much easier, with 15 days of extreme heat in July. August brought cooler weather, and so they tried to slow down the ripening process by doing very little green harvest. This vintage is marked by more pepper than fruit, but it’s still a beautiful effort, and I see a lot of potential for aging this wine. The 2015 Scrio is made with a more reductive approach overall, and this vintage needs a year or two to open fully. Only 3,000 bottles were made.”


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    Le Macchiole

    Le Macchiole Scrio 2015

    Bolgheri DOC

    Scrio was first produced in 1994. Le Macchiole founder Eugenio Campolmi created it because he wanted to produce a wine that would best express his vision of Syrah, his favorite grape variety. Scrio has an original personality and stands apart from Syrah grown in France or anywhere else – it is an extraordinarily compelling meld of deep and velvety Mediterranean fruit with cool climate aromatics and detail. Given the extremely limited production, Scrio is decidedly a hidden gem.

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    Le Macchiole

    Bolgheri, Italy

    Le Macchiole can best be defined as the “Boutique Bolgheri.” The winery is known for its spectacular single-varietal wines, and their signature grape varieties are Syrah, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc and work is always conducted with the priority being "the expression of the land." The winery continues to evolve in both the vineyards and in the cellar to allow the soil characteristics from this estate property to be the defining identity in the wines.