A champagne shortage is looming. Shop early to keep the sparkle in your holidays.

The Washington Post shed light on the current Champagne shortage in the U.S., providing context on the supply chain, reduced harvests and increased demand. Wine columnist Dave McIntyre spoke with VINTUS CEO Alexander Michas, who weighed in on the situation as well for Champagne Bollinger. The story goes into much greater detail on how these factors, when combined, have created “the perfect storm” for the shortages in the U.S. leading into the holiday season.

The trickle down effect goes beyond Champagne sales, as other sparkling wines are facing similar issues (without some of the same issues caused by the harvest). Michas added that people shouldn’t “forget domestic — even local — bubbles. They may not depend so much on container shipping, but they are enjoying high demand.” He continued by noting that we can’t keep Iron Horse Vineyards sparkling wine in stock.

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