Drinking with James Bond: Why Bollinger is 007’s Go-To Champagne

Forbes published a story focused on James Bond’s drinking preferences and affinity towards Champagne, notably Champagne Bollinger. While many people associate Agent 007 with martinis, the world’s favorite British spy consumed a total of 317 drinks in Ian Fleming’s nobles: “Champagne 65 times, bourbon 57 times, whisky 42 times, vodka martini 41 times, sake 37 times, Cognac 24 times and gin and red wine each 21 times.”

The author details the significance of each spirit in the story, emphasizing a large portion of Champagne and highlights a memorable scene from 1979’s Moonraker, where Bollinger is prominently featured. While Bollinger appeared in 1973’s Live and Let Die, it officially became The Champagne of James Bond with Moonraker – following a gentleman’s agreement between the Bollinger and Broccoli families. As a way to celebrate this enduring partnership and the release of No Time to Die, the author shares details of Bollinger’s newly released Special Cuvée 007 Limited Edition. You can read more about it  HERE