The Fantastic Four of Tuscan Merlot

Wine-Searcher included Masseto and Le Macchiole Messorio in a story highlighting four iconic merlots from Tuscany.

Masseto is described as the most sought-after wine in all of Italy, which is sourced from a single vineyard at Ornellaia. The write up shares background for how this wine came to be as explained by Ornellaia and Masseto estate director Axel Heinz. There are a lot of great anecdotes and details within the story, so we encourage you to read it in full!

Le Macchiole is 100 percent Merlot, which keeps with Le Macchiole proprietor Cinzia Merli’s philosophy to highlight a single grape in their top wines. She said, “we did that to try and represent the area through a single variety. It’s like taking a picture – a variety in a specific vintage in the Bolgheri area.” Continuing, she added, “It’s not easy because usually you don’t have many chances to change the final result in every vintage using different varieties to adjust the final results. But the wines are more precise, the wines have more focus. We love this kind of style.” Read the story to learn much more about the grape selection and winemaking details for this wine.

Full story can be found HERE