Casarena Owen Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 (92 VM)

Cabernet Sauvignons in Agrelo often do well during warm years, thanks to the clay soils and this is a perfect example. Aged for 12 months in new French oak. Purplish-red in the glass. The nose offers up black currant, roasted red pepper, black pepper and country herbs. The wood brings out the character. Intense in the mouth, with firm, spiky tannins. Freshness is scarce but the flavors are full and the finish lengthy. Will grow in the bottle. Keep for at least two years.

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    Casarena S.V


    The name “Casarena” is a creative merging of the Spanish words “casa” (house) and “arena” (sand), and is a tribute to the sand-colored stone winery and the sandy soil that their estate is built on.