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Château Margaux Margaux du Château Margaux 2014 Tech Sheet

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January 28, 2022


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    Margaux du Château Margaux 2014


    For nearly two decades, Château Margaux have been making a third wine from their estate as part of a stricter selection process for their Château Margaux and Pavillon Rouge. Starting with the great vintage of 2009 it was clear that there were high quality vineyards producing high quality fruit that while not quite at the level of today’s Pavillon Rouge, were still of a level that would make Château Margaux proud to put their name on the label.

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    Château Margaux

    Margaux, Bordeaux, France

    It is difficult to sum up in a few lines the long and splendid history of the estate. It was already known in the 12th century but there were not yet any vines. In the 16th century the estate anticipated the future development of the Médoc which was to start abandoning the cultivation of cereal crops in favor of vines, and Château Margaux became a high place in the art of growing and making wine.