(98+ )

E. Guigal Côte-Rôtie La Landonne 2018 (98+ JD) (98+)

“The 2018 Côte Rôtie La Landonne is a different beast, as always. Inky black-hued, with a monster of a nose revealing tons of smoked black fruits, cured meats, tobacco, ground pepper, and graphite. It has an almost Pauillac-like profile and is full-bodied, deep, and concentrated on the palate, with building tannins, flawless balance, and a huge finish. Pure raw power, this needs at least a decade of bottle age and will be one of the longest-lived wines in the vintage.” – J.D 12/22


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    E. Guigal

    E. Guigal Côte-Rôtie La Landonne 2018


    One of the three “LaLa” wines that Guigal produces and are the most collectible wines of the Rhone Valley, La Landonne is a remarkable expression of terroir. And for good reason, La Landonne is situated on one of the steepest vineyards of the Côte Brune, a 45 degree slope that remarkably requires harvesters to start picking from the bottom of the vineyard and work their way up, placing grape bunches in bins that are set on sleds and dragged up the hill. Along with its position at the northern end of the Côte Brune and the fact it is the last vineyard to ripen, La Landonne is the mirror of the feminine and voluptuous La Mouline: it is a wine of driving power, defined by its dark fruit and structure. The first vintage Guigal produced was in 1978, after being planted in 1975 at the time of Philippe Guigal’s birth.

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    E. Guigal

    Rhône Valley, France

    The more you learn about the Guigal family, the more astounding becomes their story.  Their wines are the benchmarks for every Rhone appellation, and over the last thirty years they have become arguably the most lauded producer in the world.  Year after year the Guigal family produces wines of exceptional quality that in all classes offer exceptional value.