15 Things We Love About Champagne Bollinger

 The story, titled “15 Things You Should Know About Bollinger Champagne” features Champagne Bollinger along with a history of the Vineyard. The story includes mention of Bollinger’s R.D. Extra Brut, La Côte aux Enfants, and Special CuvéeThe piece also includes a few Lily Bollinger tidbits that aren’t widely publicized in the media and reinforces why she’s considered a LEGEND in the industry. 

The story hits on key messaging points, such as Pinot Noir and sustainability, and references the quality benchmarks of Buckingham Palace and Bond. From a technical standpoint, several points throughout the article point to Bollinger’s rigorous quality standards and preservation of traditional winemaking practices.

There is a paragraph emphasizing how Bollinger maintains the “almost extinct” method of aging its wines in oak barrels. She offers a consumer friendly wine 101 explanation that addresses why this is significant, “As oak is an ever-changing substance, it plays a crucial role in the aging of Bollinger Champagnes as the wines are able to experience slight, yet persistent, oxygenation, which softens their tannic edge and adds a slightly sweet aromatic complexity that cannot be achieved using steel vat aging.” Author Olivia Wolfe calls out that Bollinger and Krug are the only remaining Houses that continue aging in oak barrels.

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