Luciano Sandrone Tribute in Wine & Spirits

Stephanie Johnson, Italian Editor of Wine & Spirits Magazine wrote a touching tribute to winemaker and visionary, Luciano Sandrone, following his passing in January. She fondly recalls the last time she saw the pioneering Piedmontese winemaker, in 2021 after COVID-related travel restrictions were lifted. 

“I met him, along with his brother Luca and daughter Barbara, in the tasting room of their winery at the foot of Cannubi hill in Barolo. We talked mostly about the 2018 harvest, and toward the end of the visit I asked some questions about Vite Talin, Luciano’s pet project for more than a quarter century […] It wasn’t enough for him to talk about this wine; it was imperative that I see the vines and touch the clusters. We walked the rows while he recalled the history of Vite Talin—how, back in 1987, Luciano had noticed a gnarled old vine in a nebbiolo parcel he was renting from an old farmer named Natale, whose nickname was Talin. The fruit consistently produced a highly structured, deeply colored wine, and the 2013 Vite Talin became the first commercial release of this wine.”

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