Castell d’Encus

Pyrenees Mountains

Raised high in the ancient Pyrenees Mountains, the isolated winery of Castell d’Encus crafts marginal climate wines that seamlessly blend ancient and modern winemaking techniques from a stunning landscape. After discovering eight Medieval stone vats outside the town of Leida, enologist Raül Bobet set out to explore the potential for winemaking greatness in the region. The vats, carved directly into the hillsides by monks in the 12th century, spurred a creative flurry for the estate, where modernization is balanced in tandem with these centuries old vessels. Many of the wines see at least some fermentation time here, providing a unique texture and character across the whole lineup. Further complimenting the style, all wines are produced using indigenous yeasts.

The vineyards of Castell d’Encus provide a space for Raül to experiment with a mix of international varieties at high altitudes. Raül admires this place for its marginal status, feeling that the changing climate in the future will only favor areas that currently labor to ripen fruit. The wines have a thru-line of bright, crisp acidity, a definition naturally sculpted by the elevation and emphasized by the studious winemaking team.

Castell d’Encus is organically farmed, and close attention is paid to the land around the winery. Warm days and cool night provide a balance of fruit and phenolic ripeness, a core tenant of the estate. Additionally, a calcareous-clay soil, an ancient marine bed, provide the zippy style sought after from the region.



Costers del Segre

A Bordelais blend with a massive range of flavor, Quest is 100% fermented in the estate’s famous stone vats. Quest represents an ancient method of wine production while capitalizing on modern day knowledge for purity and finesse.


Costers del Segre

Favoring a Northern Rhone style, Thalarn digs into syrah's robust range of secondary tasting notes while providing pristine, gently restrained fruit. Brimming with energy, the wine was crafted in Castell d'Encus' famous stone vats and aged in French oak.


Costers del Segre

Acusp is an invigorating cool climate Pinot Noir, displaying a full bouquet of ripe fruit and subtle earth. The winery utilizes their famous stone vats during fermentation, while aging in French oak further craft a simultaneously delicate and powerful profile.


Costers del Segre

Raul’s take on white Bordeaux, Taleia is a simultaneously subtle, vibrant, ethereal and ripe blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, actualizing the full potential of the Pyrenees. This bottling takes advantage of the winery's Medieval, natural stone fermentation vats, lending texture and age ability to the wine.


Costers del Segre

As a cool climate Riesling, Ekam is a bracing yet completely approachable introduction to the Castell d'Encus lineup. Featuring a unique blend of riesling and albariño, the wine stuns with an array of fresh orchard fruits, set against the aforementioned brisk structure. Some exposure to noble rot creates additional intrigue on the palate.

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Raül Bobet

Famed winemaker Raül Bobet made his name at the notable Spanish winery, Torres, where he worked from 1986-2004. Establishing his own brand and style in the early 2000's, Raül began championing wines on a more micro scale, finding the beauty in specific area and highlighting their wine producing potential. His other project includes the Priorat estate, Ferrer Bobet.

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