Wilfrid Rousse

Chinon AOC, France

Installed in a former farmhouse in the hamlet of La Halbardiere, the Domaine of Wilfrid Rousse distinctive signature over the surrounding lands: a weather vane depicting a mermaid holding in his hand a fish. This historic weather vane once donned the roofs of the nearby medieval castle in Savigny-en-Véron; a 17th century property that served as the residence of Admiral and Governor of Acadia Claude de Launay-Razilly. Legend has it that the Admiral, nostalgic for his naval conquests past, installed this unique figurine on his property this weather vane. This grand House would have hosted several times King Charles VII, making the iconic weather vane a symbol of not only Wilfrid Rousee, but the deep history of the land. In present, Wilfrid Rousse extends over 19.5 hectares between the municipalities of Savigny-en-Véron, Beaumont-en-Véron and Chinon. It is composed of 18 hectares of Cabernet Franc plantings, which are transformed into the Domain’s cuvées of both red and rosé wines.

The vineyards are rooted in organic agriculture and located on the right bank of the Vienne in the West of Chinon. In 1987, the year of the first vintage, the field had only a single hectare in production; then over the years, with attentive care to select the terroirs and harmony in soils and exposure, the number of parcels has increased greatly. In order to maintain the signature expression of the terroirs, Wilfried Rousee utilizes indigenous yeast, refrains from any filtration, and prohibits adding sulfur to the wines for over the past decade. The barrels are aging in the traditional Tuffo cellar, which provides the perfect conditions in temperature and humidity for the wines.

Today, the winery remains family-operated. Wilfrid Rousse follows the plots, watches over the vines, organizes the harvest and produces wine, while Annie manages marketing and the export salons. A story with four hands that is written over the days and showcases more than a philosophy, a way of life: that of respect for the terroir and soils, of maintaining the balance of life to protect the ecosystem. A commitment and a story that we propose you to discover in the bottles.


Chinon Les Galuches


Les Galuches is an organic 7ha plot of Cabernet Franc in sandy soils of Chinon. The wine see little in the way of winemaking manipulation, allowing the purity of the fruit to shine.

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