Legendario Domingo

Oaxaca, Guerrero, Michoacan, Durango

In traditional Mexican culture, Sundays are a sacred time to eat, to drink and to be merry — with no work, no matter what. Legendario Domingo translates to “Legendary Sunday”, evoking the sentiments of celebration that is so often accompanied by mezcal.

The label design resembles Papel Picado, or “pecked paper”, a traditional celebratory decoration that arose from the Aztec people who chiseled spirit figures into the bark of trees. Considered a Mexican Folk Art, Papel Picado is now made by cutting elaborate designs into colorful sheets of tissue paper, often hung as decorative banners across streets & passages. Common themes include musical instruments, the sun, flowers, and other symbols of jubilation. 

Each Legendario Domingo label highlights a different color and symbol. Through its various labels, Legendario Domingo highlights different mezcal producing regions of Mexico, demonstrating exemplary distillation tradition from each region and emphasizing the differences in terroir. The mezcals Legendario Domingo produces are Palenque and regional designates (similar to vineyard designates in wine), purposefully emphasizing each region by accenting the terroir and capturing the agave varietal character, aromas, flavors and mouthfeel that wild fermentation and artisanal production afford.




San Luis del Rio, Oaxaca

Oaxaca is the the epicenter of mezcal in the country, it is a world carved by legends, green quarry, black clay and of course agave. A mezcal with hints of kiwi on the nose, along with citrus flavors, hints of minerality, ripe tropical fruits, and salty papaya notes, green banana, finishing with balanced salt and delicate smoke.

Guerreo Cupreata

Mazatlán, Guerrero

It is said that Guerrero is one of the cradles of agriculture in this continent, and it so it naturally has created an unbeatable precedent for the agave that grows here. With green forest floor and herbal nose, honeydew melon and cucumber on the pallet, finishing with bright minerality.

Michoacán Ensamble

Michoacán, Charo / Pie de la Mesa

Michoacán is a land covered in mystery where things become infinite. Here, the customs and history are encapsulated into a mezcal that delights us with each drink. Displaying hazelnuts, toasted peanuts, pine and almonds, green apples, ripe pineapple, coconut, subtle elegant smoke on the palate, warm body, constantly evolving flavors and pleasant acidity.

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Julian Saenger

Mezcal Legendario Domingo was founded in 2012 by Julian Saenger. Born and raised in Mexico, Julian has always had tremendous love and respect for the art of mezcal production, often finding ways to delve into production, marketing, brand launches and general support of the category throughout Mexico. When he finally found the opportunity to create a brand of his own through partnership with the Velasco family, he chose to center the brand around a recurring feeling he experienced through his journey in mezcal: celebration.