Round Turn Distilling

Biddeford, Maine

Founded in 2015, Round Turn Distilling embodies the pragmatism and industriousness of it’s New England Forebears. Situated in a 150 year old textile mill on the Saco River, the steam powers stills blend the basic principles of pot-stills with modern innovations and efficiencies to ensure the spirits produced are unique and driven. 


Bimini Gin

Biddeford, Maine

Set firmly in the American style of gin, Bimini Gin uses a neutral base spirit made from non-GMO American corn and is distilled four times for exceptional purity of flavor. The botanicals are separated into groups during distillation, with each group being milled, macerated, and distilled separately. Vapor temperature is closely controlled to maximize the herbal notes and creamy textures imparted by the distillates and the river from the Saco River. The slow distillation process preserves the natural flavors and oils that give the spirit it’s depth and unique texture.

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Kristina Hansen & Darren Case

Maine natives, Kristina and Darren returned home from Brooklyn, NY in 2014, carrying with them the artistic and entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in that borough. They found a similar culture in Biddeford, and settled into the old textile mill that would become their distillery. Both live for the moments that bring family and friends together, especially when they're around a common table or a shared bottle.