Sacred Power


Made with the heirloom rice Kumamoto Shinriki which was revitalized after being out of use for 50-100 years. Chiyonosono is among the very few breweries who have revived rice strains after being out of use. Shinriki literally means “Sacred Power” in Japanese and represents the bold, briny ocean flavors present in the sake.

Tasting Notes

This is a rich, full flavored sake with fresh-cut green grass aromas and hints of tropical fruits. The mouth feel is silky with suggestions of briny and umami flavors. It finishes with excellent acidity.

Food Pairing

Pair with fresh oysters, calamari, mustard greens, endive, or bok choy



Style Profile

Earthy and Savory



Base Rice



Junmai Ginjo

Trade Materials

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Shared Promise

A commitment from the brewery to make premium sake despite agricultural hardships like those of WWII. Until this sake came along in the 1960’s, all sake had distilled alcohol added to it due to rice shortages and war rationing. After the war, Chiyonosono crafted the first junmai sake (brewed without distilled alcohol nor additives of any kind) and celebrated by sharing it from a large, red lacquered sake cup called a Shuhai.