Aconcagua Valley

Matias Garcés Silva launched Amayna with his family’s support with their first vintage in 2003.  However, the project had its origins in the late 90’s when the Garcés Silva family recognized the incredible, overlooked potential of Chile’s San Antonio coast for premium viticulture.  After building a pipeline from the Maipo river to this region to bring water for vine irrigation, the Leyda Valley officially entered the world of fine Chilean wine.



Pinot Noir

Aconcagua Valley

The influence of the sea and soil combined with slow ripening make for a deep ruby-red wine with a touch of violet and great aromatic complexity. The nose evokes ripe fruits with elegant notes of vanilla and spice from the well-integrated oak.

Sauvignon Blanc

Aconcagua Valley

Ocean breezes bring a savory saline balance to the wine’s intense fruit character.

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Matias Garcés Silva’s story is one of passion. While his family had a property in Leyda that centered on grain and lamb production, it wasn’t until 2000 when Matias tried to make wine from a small experimental vineyard.

Matias works hard to produce the best quality wines, which begins long before planting. He believes in making a thorough study of soils, then planting the right varieties for each type of soil. The best plants are selected and with the best technical team, the best wine is made in a gravity-fed winery that preserves the character of the vineyards.

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