Casa Silva

Colchagua Valley

The Silva family pioneered grape growing in the Colchagua Valley with the first vineyards back in 1892. Their cellar is the oldest in the valley, yet they strive to innovate in their vineyards and to pioneer new terroirs in the Colchagua Valley. They are paving the way for the Chilean Carmenere varietal by investing in research studies in their vineyards to study Carmenere clones and its microterroirs.



Carmenere Los Lingues

Colchagua Valley

A single-vineyard wine showing an Andean-climate expression of Carmenere.

Carmenere Terroir de Familia

Colchagua Valley

Previously known as Carmenere Cuvee Colchagua, the Carmenere Terroir De Familia is a single vineyard wine from Casa Silva’s Los Lingues vineyard. Casa Silva, the Carmenere experts, continue to elevate the conversation about approachable high-quality Carmenere.

Sauvignon Gris

Colchagua Valley

A rarely-seen varietal harvested from vines planted in 1912 with beautiful elegance and balance.

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Mario Pablo Silva was born and raised in a family dedicated to winemaking; the Silva family lived in the Colchagua countryside surrounded by vines, horses, and nature. Some of his fondest memories are summer evenings riding horses in the vineyard with his dad, grandfather, and great-grandfather, playing hide and seek in the old wine cellar, and long talks about wine on Sundays.

He is a commercial engineer by trade but since he grew up on a vineyard, he has a deep level of winemaking knowledge from his grandparents and father. His family pioneered grape growing in the Colchagua valley with the first vineyards in 1892. Their cellar is the oldest in the valley.