Les Quatre Mains by François & Guillaume Thienpont


François and Guilliaume Thienpont – legends of the Right Bank Bordeaux estates of Vieux Château Certan, Le Pin, Guillot-Clauzel, and more – are proud to offer the Quatre Mains line of wines, with L’Etoile from Lalande-de Pomerol and Les Filottes from Pomerol. Featuring extensive vineyard knowledge, generational winemaking expertise, and the same tools from their famed Châteaux, the Thienponts deliver exceptional quality and value while showcasing some of the most prestigious oenological land in the world.

The aim of L’Etoile and Les Fillottes is simple: create approachable yet serious wines that François and Guillaume would most personally enjoy, their Four Hands (Quatre Mains) building the labels together. The profile is therefore balanced in extraction and oak, creating a refreshingly modern style of wine with a classic Bordeaux backbone. Beyond the winemaking, the wines exude their respective sense of place through rigorous site selection managed by the Thienponts, who together share decades of Right Bank vineyard knowledge. The process of the Quatre Mains wines is managed from vine to bottle with a personalized and unique level of attention.




The name of the wine and related vineyard, L’Étoile, evokes Saint-James of Compostela (in Latin, campus stellae means the path of the star) and the time of the great pilgrimages. The vineyard covers 5 hectares, on gravelly soil with sand and clay. A blend of Merlot (80% in general), Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, aged for 18 months in once-used barrels from Vieux Château Certan.

Les Fillottes


The four points on the crest of the bottle symbolize the work of four hands and the four plots. Among them, the plot Les Fillottes gave its name to the Cru. Located to the west of the Pomerol bell tower, the vineyard spreads over 3.50 hectares, on gravel and clay soils. The limited production wine is a blend of Merlot (80%) and Cabernet Franc (20%). Aged for 18 months in once-used barrels from Vieux Château Certan.

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Guillaume Thienpont

Guillaume Thienpont is the son of Alexandre Thienpont, winemaker of Vieux Château Certan and Guillot Clauzel in Pomerol. He is a precise connoisseur of the vineyards and terroirs of the Right Bank, bringing a modern vision and technical rigor to his wines.

François Thienpont

"F for Family, F for François". Since 1995, François Thienpont, a wine merchant and owner on the right bank in Bordeaux, has wanted to develop a range based on the trust of partner winegrowers. By working hand in hand with them, he was able to offer a range of elegant and quality terroir wines with the practice of committed viticulture! Born in the world of wine with parents owning estates on the Right Bank of Bordeaux, he never lost his passion and his desire to share great wines all around the world.

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