Mantensei is produced at the Suwa Brewery. Mantensei creates elegant expressions of umami through sake that can be enjoyed at a wide variety of temperatures. Mantensei polishes its rice to 50% even though the sake is not a Daiginjo in order to create extreme drinkability alongside rich umami and savory notes—a rare balance. They use a higher-than-usual ratio of koji rice to bring out distinctive notes of smoke, honey, and soy.


Star Filled Sky

Aged in tank for 3 years, this umami-rich sake finishes dry and clean from precise fermentation and water minerality. This unusual juxtaposition makes it stand out as a savory sake that will not weigh you down. Star-Filled Sky is brewed in Japan’s least populated prefecture where there is an abundance of natural elements available. This isolation leads to nights with complete darkness, where the stars are in full view.

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