Located in a region known for its pure rivers and natural beauty, Tentaka has created a sustainable microcosm to preserve and support future generations of sake. President Ozaki-san’s passion for the environment has led the brewery to use local ingredients, to reuse production byproducts, and to get Organic Certification in Japan, the US, and the European Union—one of only two breweries with triple certification. Brewed in a landlocked region, Tentaka sake is locally treasured with only a small amount of sake leaving the prefecture. It celebrates the local flavors of rustic, savory, and meaty foods by brewing rich sake with high acidity.


Hawk in the Heavens

A go-to sake for barbeque, this rustic, high acid sake is a great representation of traditional Junmai style that you would find in Izakayas throughout Japan. The brewery name, Tentaka, translates to “hawk in the heavens,” a prosperous Japanese symbol that is thought to bring good fortune to the brewery.

Silent Stream

The ultimate luxury sake that is made from the most premium of all rice strains and polished down to an exceedingly labor-intensive 35%. Out of the 24 grades of Yamada Nishiki rice, this sake is made from the very highest (Toku A Tokujo-Mai) and then made in the non-pressed free run shizuku style resulting in extreme purity. Silent Stream is named after the clear and untouched water that that originates deep in the jagged, snow-covered Nasu Mountains.


One of the few organic sakes produced in Japan and made with the intention of creating a completely natural product with nothing added. The area’s natural underground springs provide Tentaka with a pure, fresh water source, which is also triple-filtered.

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