Toko is produced at the Kojima Sohoten brewery, founded in 1597 making them one of the oldest active breweries in Japan. After the Kojima family became the exclusive purveyor of sake to the famous Uesugi samurai clan, the Kojima family became known as samurai royalty. Located in the Yonezawa region of Yamagata, a city known for its warrior legacy. Current president Kenichiro Kojima is the 24th generation of the legendary Kojima family.


Sun Rise

This Junmai Ginjo is made from Dewasansan rice, a descendant of the iconic Omachi heirloom strain. This rice is exclusively grown in Yamagata prefecture and helped to pave the way for Yamagata to receive the first geographical indication (GI), or appellation, in all of Japan.


This sake is the ultimate indulgence; made by the highest quality Yamada Nishiki rice milled down to a painstaking 35%, what is bottled is only the drops of liquid that are released via gravity at the end of fermentation, with zero force or pressure applied. The result is a dizzingly complex and unforgettable brew.

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