Yamada Shoten

Made in an ultra-handcrafted and traditional style at Vine Connections’ smallest brewery (280 koku), the kanji on the label translates to “nothing has changed since the beginning.” Like their ancestors who did not have access to modern brewing technology, the Yamada family mills their own rice in-house (unheard of for such a small-production brewery), and they brew at ambient temperatures without heating or cooling controls.


Everlasting Roots

Handcrafted and traditional sake with aromas of cocoa and clove, and notes of orange blossom and tangerine. The high polishing rate give this sake defined fruit and floral expression while still offering rich umami from the highly flavorful local hida-homare rice. Dry, lightly savory finish. This 900ml bottle is perfect for sharing and speaks to the old-fashioned culture within the brewery – to this day, 900ml is the smallest format that they produce.

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